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Reload Bonus

Reload bonus

As DafaPoker runs, we deeply feel the importance of creating a fair and comfortable poker environment to our valued customers and we have decided to change our poker bonus package to reward our loyal players with unbelievable amount of reload bonuses.
Note: If a player has already deposited once in a particular month, his/her second deposit for that month is not entitled to earn more reload bonus. He/She has to wait until next month for another chance to earn a Reload Bonus.

1. Players with different VIP levels will receive different reload bonuses.








Bonus Cap 58.00 88.00 158.00 218.00 418.00 unlimited

50% 50% 50% 80% 100% 0.78%

2. The reload bonus is available to all depositing Dafa Poker players who make additional deposit(s). After making an additional deposit, or a number of additional deposits, players will be entitled to earn a Reload Bonus of their additional deposits up to the amount they are entailed to earn. (See also term 7)

3. The Reload Bonus is issued to players as they earn Dafa Gold Coins at ring games and tournaments. The key for bonus release is 888 Coins = $10 cash bonus issued.

4. The Reload Bonus to which a player is entitled is added to his/her Bonus Dollars Balance at Dafa Poker. This can be checked in the My Account section of the Dafa Poker Cashier.

5. If a player has no current Bonus Balance (as he/she has already earned his First Deposit Bonus in its entirety), he/she will begin earning Points solely towards his Reload Bonus.

6. All terms and conditions for Dafa Poker's 50% First Deposit Bonus also apply to this Reload Bonus Promotion.

7. Reload bonus can just be earned once a month based on player’s first single deposit in that particular month.

8. Dafa Poker reserves the right to stop this promotion, or change its conditions at any time.


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