Welcome to DafaPoker. 24 hours non-stop Texas Holdem action. First deposit bonus up to US$600, download and sign-up now to win!


1. "How do I earn Dafa Gold Coins", I hear you ask?

It's simple. I'll give you points for every raked hand that takes place when you are at the table. That means YOU ONLY HAVE TO BE AT THE TABLE. If a hand is raked, you earn points regardless of whether you contribute to the pot!

Not only that, but I'll give you points towards your bonus for every $1 you spend in tournament fees.


2. 100% 1st deposit bonus up to $600

i. This offer is only valid to depositing players making their FIRST deposit at Dafa Poker.

ii. The First Deposit Signup Bonus is released to players as they earn Dafa Gold Coins at ring games and tournaments.


3. Reload bonus (once a month only)

I. Reload Bonus is available to all depositing Dafa Poker players who make an additional deposit(s).

ii. After making an additional deposit or a number of additional deposits, players will be entitled to earn a Reload Bonus for their VIP level. If player becomes a VIP 6 Player, he/she will be entitled to earn an unlimited bonus.


4. $100 Best hands bonus (KKKK or more)& $150 Bad beat bonus (JJJJ or more)

Win any real-money ring game with the best hand of the day higher than KKKK, and you could pick up a Best Hand of the Day Bonus of $100. Only hands of K,K,K,K or above qualifies and both pocket cards must be used. Three or more players must get cards for the hand to qualify and the hand must not be folded. This bonus is in Texas Hold'em, non-tournament play.

5. VIP Club

Dafa Poker is pleased to introduce Dafa VIP Levels–Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Super Elite. The more you play, the higher level you'll be and the faster you'll earn Dafa Poker Goldcoins, and plus, more benefits from Dafa Poker.